Our Story

I've been watching dogs for six years in my home, and I absolutely love it! A few years ago, the opportunity arose to create a facility in this beautiful PNW that we call home, a place where I can scale up my dog care side hustle and indulge my passion for pampering people's furr babies full time!

It's been a dream of mine forever to run a dog boarding facility. Four years ago, I started my journey to fulfill my heart's desire. It was quite the process! I had to jump through all kinds of hoops with the county to just to get to the point of breaking ground. In the meantime, the whole time, I kept watching dogs in my home almost every weekend. It wasn't easy, but I just pushed through, because this is something I've always wanted to do.

My kids are dog lovers too! My daughter is planning to become a vet tech, so I figured, what better thing to do while I'm at home home raising my kids? My son's a little younger and still deciding who he wants to be, but he loves earning a little extra fun money with his poop-scooping work.

Thru the years I have had my dogs boarded and realized that having a clean safe boarding experience was always so important! Who wants to come pick up their pup stinky and filthy? That's a huge bummer when you've just dropped a bunch of money on dog care. So I told myself "Someday, if I get to do this, I'm going to make sure it's clean."

That's why all our purpose-built boarding suites are cleaned daily and sealed off from neighboring kennels, why our play area is mud-free astroturf, and why we offer an end-of-stay bath as an add-on option for all our boarding packages.

Some of the kennels we used didn't have air conditioning, only heating. But when you got a bunch of dogs in one room, it gets hot and the dogs get hot. So I told myself, "When I do this, I'm going to make sure I have air conditioning as well as heating, so that I can keep the temp puppy-perfect at all times."

There's something to be said for following your passion. We're all so excited to be working with dogs every day, just a few steps from our family home.

Meet the Furrwoods Kennels Team

Dedicated to providing compassionate and progressive dog daycare & boarding services for Whatcom County.

Our philosophy is to focus on providing exceptional care at the highest quality to our canine friends entrusted to our care.

Furrwoods Kennels is a family-run business on 10 beautiful acres, where the staff live on site full-time.


Rebecca (mom)

  • Owner & Manager
  • K9 CPR certified
  • Owned dogs her whole life

lauren (daughter)

  • K9 CPR certified
  • Wants to be a Vet Tech
  • Passionate animal Lover

landon (son)

  • Official Pooper Scooper
  • Detail Orientated
  • Dog Lover for Life